Program İçeriği

Last updated: October 19th, 2020

DateTimeSeminars (11)
26 October, Monday
14:30Opening Speech and Program Overview
15:45Alumni Panel: Introduction to INNOGATE & Mentors
17:00Building Value Proposition for Global Sales, Understanding Global Customers
19:15Business Model Canvas Understanding
27 October, Tuesday18:00USA Business Basics & Linkedin Hunting
28 October, Wednesday
15:30Finding Target Market Segment, Finding the Market Size
18:30GTM Strategies and Product Market Fit Testing
29 October, Thursday18:30Determining Ideal Customer Profile & Ideal Pitch Deck
30 October, Friday
14:00Market Research Overview
16:30Recitation Hour 1st Week – Target Market & Business Mod. Q&A
DateTimeSeminars (10)
2 November, Monday
13:00Marketing Machine (Growth Marketing)
15:00Marketing: Brand Management ve Reputation Management, How to Talk to Media
17:15Industry Analysis, Competition/ substitution/ complementarity, Competing in industries at different stages of maturity
3 November, Tuesday
15:00Business Model Mechanics
16:30How do you successfully enter a new market?
19:00Marketing Strategies and Planning: Building Blocks of a Robust Marketing Plan
4 November, Wednesday
16:30Channel typologies/ exploration, Market opportunity/ size
19:30How to growth hack your business?
5 November, Thursday19:00Account Based Marketing: Orchestrating Sales and Marketing to Deliver Ultimate Customer Experiences
6 November, Friday17:00Recitation Hour 2nd Week – Market Research & Competition Q&A
DateTimeSeminars (7)
9 November, Monday
17:00Finding Your First Customer – Part:1
20:00Sales Funnel Examples – Recitation Hour
10 November, Tuesday13:00Accelerating Traction with Enterprises: How to get noticed by and improve sales with large scale customers focused on UK and US
11 November, Wednesday17:00Finding Your First Customer – Part:2
12 November, Thursday16:00Pricing Strategy
13 November, Friday
13:30SaaS contracts
15:45Global B2B Sales Trends
DateTimeSeminars (9)
16 November, Monday
14:00Market Dynamics in terms of sales & funding in the Europe market
17:00Valuation & Funding in the US
17 November, Tuesday
9:30Unit Economics & Valuation
13:00Unit Economics – Recitation Hour
14:30Financial modeling; what are the investors’ expectations?
18 November, Wednesday
10:00Termsheet to contract: A love and hate relationship with your (prospective) investor
13:00Cost of gaining one customer, profitability and Customer Retention
19 November, Thursday
9:30Valuation & Funding
11:30Growth strategies and deal management on the road to investment & exit?
DateTimeSeminars (3)
24 November, Monday09:30Pitch Deck Must Haves & Case Studies
24 November, Tuesday14:30Presentations Skills
25 November, Wednesday09:30Champion’s Pitch Decks