Meet the precision that does not miss even the smallest leaks!

APEX digitalizes companies’ retail channels through community & digital ordering platforms that enable customer engagement, personalized communication and incremental sales.

Bugbounter is a cybersecurity managed-marketplace that provides offensive security solutions with a crowdsource platform.

Co Print is a 3D printing module that enables 3D printing users to print multi-color and multi-material 3d prints with their existing 3D printers.

CrowdHRs provide a cloud based crowd shourcing platform for recruitment, to create a hub of Companies , Recruiters and Candidates.

InTouch is an employee engagement app helping corporates to increase loyalty and collaboration with the social media habits that their employees are already used to. automates conversations from all channels, reduces costs, increases customer conversion rate, and offers this platform as a service with its next-generation voice and speech-based artificial intelligence support.

Mayasoft delivers end-to-end IT infrastructure solutions with a highly experienced staff in cloud, network, security, system, and data areas.

You don’t have to decide between effective and quality hiring, with Personai we optimize your recruitment operations, and give you the time and tools to make recruitment more human.

Pico Bricks is a fantastic project development kit for STEM educators and makers of all levels.

If vehicles can go autonomous, why not supply chains? Automate all your supply chain decisions on Solvoyo’s cloud-based platform so that you can focus on what machines can’t!

ULAK is a B2B SaaS startup allows its users to make a delivery without having a rider

WeBee produce guest experience technologies for hoteliers by combining messaging with concierge and automation to deliver exceptional contact-free guest experiences, boosted revenues and higher review scores


HI-SIM provides an easy-to-use powerful software that helps railway engineers and operators with design and performance optimization for traction power systems, train movement & operation, and energy consumption.

Juno is an employee app, boosts their engagement and evolves the company culture and employee loyalty with a mobile-first experience.

ServisSoft is a cloud-based smart technical service management system that prevents interruption of service and manufacturing processes by providing predictive maintenance and technical service management services in a single platform.

Feedgage is a web tool for the instant analysis of customer feedback and reviews – turning unstructured data into actionable insights using AI.


EyeCheckup has developed an early diagnosis system to help doctors prevent blindness and vision loss using Artificial Intelligence.

Mobilgi Technologies offers comprehensive data management and reporting web solutions and custom mobile applications for field force workers (retailers, banks, pharmaceuticals, FMCG, merchandising, logistics, and market research companies) to access real-time information on the field, use reporting tools, surveys, and to analyze the collected data on the go.

Navatom is a ship management software that helps ship management companies to save time and money. With our real-time modules, everything you need to get anything done, now in one place. Serving all of your needs, in one place.

Organon Analytics provides Automated Machine Learning software tools, to help companies to improve prediction accuracy and speed up Machine Learning processes from weeks to hours with the automation of feature engineering, data quality, and modeling processes.

SparkUs is a coaching-tech platform that helps enterprise-level companies to scale – manage – measure their coaching program with a blended approach of gamified digital experience and impact sessions.

Break the software auto-churn sells, upsell your own software with business intelligence. We are eager to redound to your turnover with integration-ready / OEM-friendly data visualization software suite TURBOARD.

Venuex is a simple omnichannel platform for providing and controlling indoor maps, navigation and business data across multiple online channels, helping businesses attract more customers, increase sales and increase brand awareness.

Wipelot IoT, a technology company specializing in real-time location systems (RTLS), improves occupational health and safety in manufacturing, mining, construction, and aviation by tracking employees, assets, equipment, and environmental conditions.

XENTRON is developing a vehicle diagnostic solution to help vehicle services to fix it right the first time with instant embedded analytics.


ManageCASH Software makes financial institutions’ Cash Logistics operations paperless and visible because being measurable also makes it better and profitable.

Woppy is a fun and simple monthly game box, utilizing proven cognitive theories to teach preschoolers future skillsets with friendly futuristic STEAM characters.

For banks and financial institutions, ArkSigner provides a secure, smart, and simple authentication solution called “Behavioral Biometrics” which can be used as a second factor of authentication, eliminates the need to enter one time passwords received via mobile devices, and does not require biometrics sensor.

B2Metric is an AI insurance analytics company – enabling underwriters to optimize their claim processes with artificial intelligence.

Cinema8 is the next generation interactive video technology, which supports many kinds of video interaction and user engagement on linear & 360 degree videos.

Invidyo is a video processing company, we use AI-based care quality assessment algorithms to give working parents peace of mind.

MTX is an aggregated Commodities trading platform providing better risk management that utilizes sophisticated instruments for brokers & traders who love the flexibility.


Respo Gadgets is a medical start-up company which aims to provide practical and smart ‘​’gadgets’​’​ for respiratory diseases.

MediPic is an easy way to find the range of Epidural Space.

ELAA Technology is a digital health company focusing on cancer early diagnosis.

Pera Labs is a next-generation fertility tech company transforming the reproductive health field through Artificial Intelligence and lab-on-chip technology.

Bac Engineering is automating sample preparation for molecular applications with robotic devices.

Tarabios aims to provide a point of care device that will enable patients to easily monitor their blood coagulation parameters anywhere anytime.

VacciZone develops a first-in-class novel antigen delivery platform technology to significantly enhance the efficacy of current immunotherapies with minimum or no overlapping toxicities.

Vagustim is a health tech company in research and development of neuromodulation devices.

Becure ensures that the patients of all ages have a sustainable motivation while performing their rehabilitation exercises.


Founded in 2002, Eteration has developed an extraordinarily scalable Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform for connected vehicles, taking in-vehicle data with cloud technologies and service structure. Eteration provides secure, processed, enriched and meaningful reports from these data on the AI platform it develops.

Altınay e-Mobility develops the most suitable energy storage systems with the right lithium-ion chemistry and also carries out all of the verification, certification and homologation activities in-house.

As a leader in the steel sector, and the pioneer in the Turkish market, Çelik Halat ve Tel Sanayii A.Ş. was established in 1962 to supply high carbon wire and steel wire rope need of domestic market and started production in 1968.

Ditaş was established in the year 1972 for producing steering and suspension system parts such as rod ends, ball joints, drag links, track control arms, torque rods, stabilizer links, and V- Torque rods and became operational in the year 1978

Alcomet AD is the largest Bulgarian manufacturer of rolled and extruded aluminium products. The company offers a broad range of aluminium semi-finished products – household, technical and container foils, finstock, sheets and strips; standard and customized profiles.

The main objective of Ortakci cam is to render glass and mirrors usable in almost every area of life by merging them with wood, metal, and other industries.

Thread in Motion (TIM) develops wearable technology platform designed to increase operational efficiency in production and logistics facilities.


AdSiF, Agent Driven Simulation Framework, is a generic and domain-independent simulation framework.

We give you indicators to prevent the churn of employee retention.

Bellinta is a smart IoT hub that works on AWS. The platform connects all IoT devices to the cloud.

Empower your stores for a more personalized shopping experience, enabled from any device or any store with omnichannel fulfillment.

Select Optimus is a cloud SaaS platform that transforms forwarder companies into e-forwarder companies greatly reducing cost, and increasing profit using less resources.

Reminis is a Digital Photo Delivery SAAS as a marketplace. Photograph owners upload photos to distribute them. Event attendees enter the website or use the app to get their photos.

We are accelerating to Digital Transformation of SME’s via our no-code software development platform.


We are accelerating to Digital Transformation of SME’s via our no-code software development platform.

Delphisonic, utilizing industrial internet in the digital world with a motto of common sense for your machine.

Targeting app development agencies who need to cut time lost with remedying design discrepancies, Pixelworm is the first SaaS tool to compare coded screens and design files and detect inconsistencies automatically.

Sixfab produces hardware prototypes for IoT projects in just 6 days, to help industrial companies digitalizing their field data without any hardware knowledge, unlike the in-house development process.

Manufacturing automated guided vehicles for humanless transportation in factories helping companies to increase their workflow efficiency, save staff costs, and work extremely safe.


Inavitas is a real-time monitoring solution for homeowners who want to reduce their electricity bills and monitor their solar production.

Lumos Laser is a company founded by a team of experts to produce ultrashort pulsed fiber lasers dedicated to increasing micromachining in production lines. With a cumulated experience of over ten years, Lumos Laser provides reliable and robust laser sources.

Oktopeople was established in 2015 in Istanbul, Turkey, as a new generation UX Consulting firm, offering a personal shopping assistant software, making losing customers while shopping (Churn) analysis and aims to increase customer retention and profitability.

SmartClass is the education technology platform for K-12 and higher education, serving hundreds of thousands in many countries around the world. We provide the industry’s first All-In-One experience with best-in-class, secure, and compliant online solutions, including registration, student information system, learning management and classroom collaboration, assessment, analytics, and special education management.

Virasoft develops institution-specific projects in 4 main areas that meet all the needs of an institution in digital pathology. These main areas are pathology workflow & business intelligence, decision support & artificial intelligence, collaboration, and pathology education.

Securezi exists to create a new travel security experience – one that is portable, hassle free and always connected. We combine cutting-edge technology, user friendliness and intelligent design for travelers in a new generation system.


Gmply is a solution to meet the needs of the new generation workforce & workflow. It allows you to create interactive video training. It provides a powerful user-management system that lightens your workload. It enables you to target and reach detailed training analytics in real-time.

Datapare helps companies to increase their profit with online competitive information.

Fineksus provides products and services across 29 countries from Hong Kong to the UK with offices in Istanbul, Dubai, and Qatar. By meeting the ever-changing demands of the RegTech industry with 18 years of know-how, Fineksus develops cutting-edge tools to bring value for a more efficient and effective way of AML compliance and financial messaging.

WalkOVR is a technology company developing consumer electronics and computer peripherals with a focus on Motion Capture, Human-Computer Interaction, Virtual Reality, and Entertainment.

Grus is active in the complete design chain ranging from enclosure design to its deployment and field support.

MIOPS products enable photographers from all skill sets to take better pictures with their already existing equipment.

Using BVK’s unique Multi-Factor Authentication technology, OTCaccess grants & tracks secure access to both physical and digital assets to anyone, anytime and anywhere.


Testinium contributes globally to software testing operations by adding simple-to-use and smart products. The company basically uses Selenium and Appium libraries on platforms such as web and mobile, and is a company that provides solutions optimized for Mobile, Web and Desktop tests, providing planning, reporting and management of tests.

Borda’s Asset Management, Patient Throughput, Infant Security, Environmental Monitoring, and Location-Aware Work Demand Management solutions enable data-driven management and lead the way towards the era of insight-driven management.

Wordego is an advertising technology company, providing a full scope of digital advertising solutions for advertisers and publishers.

At-home urine test strips for personalized nutrition and lifestyle advice.

VSight Remote is a complete collaboration and knowledge-sharing platform that allows remote field technicians and experts to connect with each other and collaborate on maintenance, repair, operations (MRO) via live video, audio powered by Augmented Reality.

With Monistream, companies can go from metric data to insights easily, continuously, and in real time, thus staying relevant and competitive in today’s fast-changing business environment.

i2i Systems is an international information technology company that specializes in developing innovative ideas and solutions. With its highly experienced team in the Telecommunications industry, i2i offers a variety of products in OSS and BSS domains, as well as 5G network solutions.


TAZI is an understandable continuous machine learning platform that enables business users to easily use machine learning thus allowing your company to be ahead of the competition.

WeBee is a 360-degree (End-To-End) solution that enables hotels to have a better engagement with guests.

FieldPie is a mobile software solution designed to manage “field sales, field operations, field activities and sales opportunities”.

ProManage is a technology company with an interdisciplinary approach working on IIoT, AR (Augmented Reality), AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology areas for Manufacturing Operations Management. ProManage supports manufacturers to be more productive, agile, cost-efficient through the use of cutting edge digital tools in Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM). is a video-based library of experiences about careers, professions, industries, and organizations; built for young talents to have a clear vision about what makes them stand out.

Teleporter is the Social VR World of Gamers that is the one place to all the ways gamers get together.

Apex Loyalty is a cloud-based loyalty & gamification platform developed on

ARDIC’s IoT-Ignite is an end-to-end, reliable, scalable, and secure IoT platform with edge-processing capabilities for large-scale deployment of IoT services.


We provide a seamlessly integrated all in one omnichannel marketing solution that enables organizations to engage in relationship marketing with their target audience, customers across complex marketing mix in an efficient and cost-effective way.

Barn Technology is a software development company focused on developing end to end direct consumer campaigns for the retail industry. Barn is an AI-driven data company that focuses on consumer shopping behaviors.

We impact insurance companies’​ bottom line by drastically improving their underwriting processes, uncovering new truths with our machine learning proficiency, and empowering decision-makers with comprehensive real-time reporting capabilities.

SFS (Strategic Functional Systems) is a leading supplier of cloud-based end-to-end insurance software and collaboration network systems that support the entire insurance policy lifecycle and all insurance ecosystem players.

For companies running a call center operation that are frustrated with the high cost, complexity, and difficulty of the conventional systems, AloTech is the web-based, pay-as-you-go solution running on Google, which is a low cost, fast, easy, scalable, and with complete enterprise functionality able to be set up anywhere in the world in 10 minutes.

Monument is a connected device that helps you to store, organize, and view photos and videos with zero effort. It syncs your content from cameras and smartphones and provides a high-speed, private access to memories.

Logiwa is industry-leading cloud-based order fulfillment, warehouse, and inventory management software that has served retail, e-commerce, wholesale, and 3PL businesses worldwide for over a decade.

As an information technology solution provider, software development company and a system integrator, OBASE is experienced in ‘Analytical Solutions’ and ‘Scientific Retail Solutions’. Practicing high-level engineering in the Project Innovation Labs established within the OBASE R&D Center.


Boni is a location-based platform for mobile devices to interact with the physical world. Providing indoor navigation, analytics, and engagement for the publicly available buildings.

GullsEye Logistics Technologies Inc is a TOS provider. Our terminal operating system accelerates container, ro-ro, general cargo, liquid cargo services in the terminals. With advanced monitoring and reporting modules, GullsEye guarantees customer satisfaction and provides comprehensive auditability.

Evam is a leading technology company specializing in “Continuous Intelligence” solutions by analyzing the data in real-time with advanced machine learning technology. It empowers telcos, banks, airlines, retail and industrial companies to process billions of interactions and ensure the right action to be taken in real-time to derive the maximum business value.

Sestek is a global technology company helping organizations with Conversational Solutions to be data-driven, increase efficiency, and deliver better experiences for their customers.

Powered by machine-learning technology, Segmentify tracks and targets individual website visitors according to their unique online buying habits better than any personalization platform on the market.

Repzone is a cloud based omnichannel B2B commerce platform for manufacturers & distributors.


BEE&YOU Propolis aims to develop, with its expertise especially in bee products, healthy, safe, and natural products and matching technologies; provide research and development, sensory analysis, and training services for the food industry; and to support the apiculture industry to ensure that quality and safety of bee products are recognized and sustained at the international level.

EquityRT is a cloud-based platform providing analysts with powerful tools and comprehensive coverage to analyze financial data more efficiently.

Centromer DNA Technologies aims to develop creative methods and products that will reduce the cost to reduce foreign dependency with the knowledge, experience, and interest in biochemistry, genetics, bioinformatics, microbiology and nanotechnology.

TeamGram is an all-in-one cloud-based tool that helps business teams collaborate, manage tasks, customer relationships, and sales.

Pixery (formerly known as AVCR) is a global tech company building innovative video-focused apps for next-generation mobile creatives.

Invent is a leading provider of advanced analytics solutions for retailers and FMCG companies.