Frequently Asked Questions


INNOGATE provides a 360-degree program including access to international connections, market penetration, business modeling and strategy development opportunities together with training, mentorship and counseling benefits to companies that have marketable products.

Who can join?

INNOGATE invites technology companies that have a high potential of becoming a global brand, have released products to a market, and reached $1-5 million annual sales turnover. But companies that are beyond this scope are also reviewed. Company partners or individuals taking part in the program must dedicate their full-time efforts to the project/product/company in question. At least one of the founders will be expected to fully participate in all stages of the program.

What is the length of the program?

It is an 8-month program, including 5 weeks of training and development program in Turkey, and a 3 weeks preparation camp, 1 month of business development, and 5 months of growth period in the US.

What are the attendance requirements?

All companies are expected to participate fully for the training part of the Turkey’s program. Companies selected for the US round are expected to attend the 3 weeks preparation camp and the 1-month business development program in the US; the 5-month business development process is also compulsory, yet attendance may be flexible.

What makes INNOGATE a special program?

Number of  one-to-one meetings

Participants will be beneficiary of INNOGATE program which take place in Turkey and USA with ‘hands-on’ training support by means of specialized mentors.

Length and competence of program

The INNOGATE program continues to support your venture in USA for 5 months after providing relevant trainings and mentorship so that we can ensure your venture implements what was taught and shows the expected development.

Free office space in the USA:

Attendees of the program will be able to use our offices at leading startup centers,  Chicago 1871 and Galvanize in San Francisco & New York, for free during the program.

Training Period – 1 “Planning Market Entry”

All companies taking part in the program receive comprehensive training on product-market consistency, strategy and competition analysis, business model development, sales process modeling, customer experience design, financial planning, company valuation, and investor presentations.

Qualified mentor and advisor network

INNOGATE works with a number of qualified advisors and trainers from the US and Turkey. Customized mentorship services provided by expert advisers cover all of the training subjects.

For the full list of mentors and trainers, check

Broad network

INNOGATE organizes networking events to bring former and current participants together. The community of mentors and traniees are good opportunities for startups, which attend ITU’s US network.

PR and media management

INNOGATE will provide advertisements and other materials in newspapers and journals, content to be shared on social media, live streams from USA offices, news and ads on the INNOGATE blog, and professional photography services.

What are the aids provided by the INNOGATE program?

INNOGATE participants will have the following opportunities:

  • Attending “Entrance into Market” Training Period – 1
  • Customized mentorship services provided by expert advisers that cover all of the training subjects
  • Attending “Strategy Execution” Training Period – 2
  • Networking with INNOGATE alumni
  • Taking part in Demo Day Turkey
  • Tickets to the USA
  • Use of Chicago 1871 during the program
  • Use of San Francisco & New York Galvanize offices during the program
  • Administrative counseling: Full-time support from San Francisco, New York and Chicago personnel, mentorship services, company establishment consultancy in the USA, and networking
  • Operational support: Assistance for operations and day-to-day issues
  • Support by the broad ITU network and program alumni in the USA
  • PR and media management: Advertisements and other materials on newspapers and journals, content to be shared on social media, live streams from USA offices, news and ads on the INNOGATE blog, and professional photography services
What are the training subjects in the program?

INNOGATE participants will have opportunities including but not limited to:

“Entrance into Market” Training Period – 1:

  • Product-market consistency
  • Strategy and competition analysis
  • Business model development
  • Sales process modeling
  • Customer experience design
  • Financial planning
  • Company valuation
  • Investor presentations

“Strategy Execution” Training Period – 2:

  • Strategic selling and value branding  workshops (and personalized mentorship by trainers)
  • Linkedin for Business networking (online)
How many companies will be admitted?

15 companies will be chosen to the Turkish round. However the number of attendees may vary depending on the qualifications of applicants. 8 companies will be selected for the USA round.

How the previous participants were successful?

You can view a selection of success stories at

What is the price of all these INNOGATE services?

More information about pricing is available at

How can I apply?

Applications are submitted online at Contact Form.

What is the application deadline?

Applications of the program are open throughout the year.