HOW TO MANAGE REMOTE TEAMS? 2 dakikada okunabilir

HOW TO MANAGE REMOTE TEAMS? 2 dakikada okunabilir

The COVID-19 process has led to a radical change in the business world over the past few months. Many businesses, large and small, have switched to the remote working model. It becomes inevitable that we encounter difficulties in these days when we move to remote work. However, we can maintain productivity with correct communication, empathy, effective planning and correct mutual expectations. In order to increase the motivation of employees in the remote working process, everyone has some duties, especially managers. So, what issues need to be considered when employees work from home?

Watch out for vulnerabilities

One of the most important topics with the transition to working from home is security. In particular, IT departments should be alerted to possible security vulnerabilities and malicious software. The US Secret Service is also on the alert for e-mail content on COVID-19. Because it is frequently stated that malicious software is included in such content that users may be interested in. Managers also have a big responsibility to be careful about fake e-mails containing the program names used and to increase communication with employees through secure channels.

Make things easy

Although security issues or network connectivity may seem like a complicated issue at first, it is not as daunting as it seems. Hosting all company applications in the cloud system for remote access, having VPN installed on workplace devices, and having a reliable network connection. For this reason, instead of making things complicated, it is useful to think simple.

Be prepared for future crises

As the remote working model became widespread, it was realized that we are not quite ready for crises that are difficult to predict. Taking a proactive approach to possible crises is essential. What needs to be done in the first place is not that difficult.  Ensuring that the technological infrastructure is kept up to date and ensuring that applications are moved in the cloud system at the best possible level. Making productivity the main criteria throughout the company and establishing communication networks on this is another important point to consider.

Be a good listener

Do not let the unhappiness and uncertainty prevailing in the world we live in guide you. The only thing to do at such times is to focus on being the best. Keep in mind that employees can be stressed and tired in such a time frame where empathy and optimism are needed more than ever. Especially when the time they need to devote to household chores and their children has increased. In summary; be a great listener and make employees feel that they are not alone.