INBOUND VS. OUTBOUND MARKETING 4 dakikada okunabilir

INBOUND VS. OUTBOUND MARKETING 4 dakikada okunabilir

Brands should first determine which of the inbound and outbound approaches to prefer When determining the marketing strategy. Since these two concepts affect the entire marketing culture, we discussed them separately in this article.

Outbound Marketing

Outbound Marketing is based on the mass marketing approach you are familiar with from traditional marketing and advertising systems. Television, radio, newspaper, magazine advertisements, fairs, seminars, pop-ups, pop-unders, banners, SMS, e-mail and e-bulletin are examples of outbound marketing. As a one-way communication method, outbound marketing focuses only on the product and why people should buy it. Costs are higher in outbound marketing because mainstream media channels such as television and radio are used.

3 important steps should be taken into consideration in Outbound Marketing:

Determine your target audience: By specifying your target audience; You should create a road map of how, where and when you can reach whom. Thus, you can learn what your target audience expects from you and plan how you can meet these expectations.

Differentiate from your competitors: By analyzing your competitors and the target audience you share, you can suggest innovative solutions for the expectations, needs or solutions of your target audience or make a difference by creating a new need.

Catch the attention of your customers: You can produce useful content that will inform your target audience’s expectations about the product or service you offer. In this way, you can turn your target audience, which finds solutions to their needs / expectations, into your customers.

Inbound marketing

Inbound marketing, it includes digital marketing to build brand awareness and create new business areas. It is a strategy that uses content marketing, blogs, SEO, social media and many more digital marketing methods. It is a marketing method that focuses on creating value for brands’ customers throughout their purchasing journey and enables customers to come to companies.

The basis of inbound marketing is to produce accurate and interesting content. So, creating videos and blog content where your potential customers can learn and advise them can be examples. Inbound marketing is a type of marketing focused on establishing a dialogue with the target audience and attracting attention. For this reason, it is dominated a two-way communication with the target audience.

Companies that use inbound marketing methods allow potential customers searching on Google to find the products or solutions they need.

The content produced should attract the attention of the target audience of the brand. After attracting the attention of the target audience, you can turn them into potential customers and turn them into loyal customers by establishing a sustainable communication. Inbound marketing methods can be used to maintain customer satisfaction after sales.

The 4 steps to be considered in inbound marketing are as follows:

  1. Companies can turn their potential customers into loyal customers by attracting them to their websites. You can use content marketing tools such as blog, SEO and social media to generate the right traffic on your website.
  2. It is extremely important to contact these people after attracting the target audience to the website. Companies should ensure that the target audience that comes to the website and examines the brand can communicate with them. To convert website visitors into potential customers, they can use call to action sentences / mottos and create forms that will enable them to contact the company.
  3. After attracting the right people to the website and turning them into potential customers, what they need to do is turn them into loyal customers. At this point, when the potential customer is contacted, they can create an e-mail explaining the brand and the product / service developed.
  4. The most important point for inbound marketing is creating content that attracts attention. Sustainable communication and interaction is necessary for a person who transforms into a customer to become a loyal customer of the company. In order to establish a two-way communication with potential customers, it is important that the messages posted on social media are content that can interact. It is important that messages posted on social media have content that can interact with potential customers to establish a two-way communication. Products developed as a solution to the customer’s needs or problems can be brought to the fore in order to make the messages conveyed to potential customers valuable.

Outbound Marketing vs. Inbound Marketing

Outbound marketing methods are more rational, while inbound marketing can have a more visible impact on the target audience.

Outbound marketing can be defined as fictionalizing to influence the purchasing decisions of the target audience of brands, while inbound marketing can be expressed as increasing brand awareness with the content produced.