Innogate Announces its fourth Technology Acceleration Program Roadshow in The United States in 2019 5 dakikada okunabilir

Innogate Announces its fourth Technology Acceleration Program Roadshow in The United States in 2019 5 dakikada okunabilir

Tech specific Roadshow Program to help Turkish companies to expand in the U.S. on investment and partnership initiatives

INNOGATEa Turkish based international technology accelerator, announced today its fourth Roadshow in 2019 to be conducted between September 2nd and 20th with 8 technology companies to expand its business development initiatives in the East and West Coast. Participating high-tech companies will meet potential partners, investors and customers to enter and expand into the US market.

Supported by the Turkish Government (Istanbul Development Agency), INNOGATE offers a 360-degree program including access to international connections, market penetration, business modeling and strategy development opportunities together with benefits of training, mentorship, counseling, and access to the right people/institutions.

Istanbul Technical University’s Technology Park ARI Teknokent leveraged its extensive experience in acceleration programs to design INNOGATE this time for technology companies to expand to the US market, to share their global competitive ability.Innogate program, which has integrated 65 companies to the global market so far, will meet with potential customers, business partners and investors both in San Francisco between September 2 and 10th and New York between September 12th-20thThese companies are MatriksArkSignerB2Metric AIOtokod,Invidyo,CompocketWoopyand Gobito. The participating firms will have strategic meetings to closely examine their peer and the sector to explore synergies and opportunities. Brief information about the participating firms is as follows:

Arksigner, a Brand new technology in authentication:

In order to prevent identity based frauds and sign business transactions electronically, ArkSigner provides a user friendly and secure plug and sign authentication platform.

Two forms of electronic signatures are used in the USA, hand-written like electronic signatures and qualified certificates based digital signatures. The use of digital signatures requires USB tokens to be connected to the computers or mobile devices.

Using USB tokens requires configurations on the computers and mobile devices, installation of card reader drivers and the right version of Java framework. This makes it really tough to get digital signatures running easily on end-user computers.

ArkSigner Digital Signature solves these problems by offering platform-independent solutions which works with all browsers and mobile devices.

B2Metric AI reduces insurance costs by 15 percent!

B2Metric AI launches into the US market with its Hunter software product. Hunter provides artificial intelligence infrastructure adapted for insurance companies to optimize their policy transactions, and increase their business revenue. Business to metric analytics with the power of AI and its anti-fraud infrastructure, insurance costs are reduced by 15 percent annually.

Otokod monitors cash instantly:

Otokod is available in the US market with its new technology ManageCash, a cloud-based software package. This program monitors the transportation of precious commodities (cash, gold, jewelry, precious documents, etc.) and ATM operations in the security-focused logistics sector. With ManageCash, the user can instantly monitor the money in the armored vehicle as the money being transported is insured. The system allows the vehicle to go to the nearest secure cash center according to the risk. With the use of this system, costs are reduced by 15-30 percent with the reduction of risk factors.

Invidyo protects your baby with AI technology!

Invidyo offers and automatically measures the quality of care provided to patients, elderly or children receiving home care services by using artificial intelligence based image processing technologies. From the world’s smartest video baby monitor to smart facial recognition, Invidyo offers a wide range of products designed for safety, and protection for the family.

Woppy: AI, block chain, Robotics and hi tech games for kids! 

Woppy, the developer of physical game packages for early childhood, simplifies future life skills for early childhood games via AI, Blockchain and robotics. Innogate helps and supports Woppy in the development of their hi tech early childhood toys and games, such as their first set of five games consisting of Art Game, Green Economy Game, Robotics Game, Blockchain Game and Artificial Intelligence Game. The cognitive theories the game designs are based upon are Montessori Education, Multiple Intelligence Theory, and Neuro Education. These products will be on sale in the USA both through Amazon and museum stores.

Gobito, video engineering solutions!

Gobito offers a wide range of products in video and education technologies, such as

software solutions for e-learning platforms, e-learning content authoring platforms, video streaming , Interactive Video , Slide Sharing & Powerpoint to HTML5 convertion tools.

Gobito is available in the US market with Cinema8, an interactive video platform that offers everything to make the viewer part of the story. In a very intuitive drag and drop mode, a great number of features can be added to the video as forms, questions, chapter, dynamic images, HTML and much more. It’s an innovative platform that has support to 360 video and wide integration support with video platforms.

Matriks, an innovative brokerage and trading system!

Matriks provides a new commodity trading system for exchanges, brokers and wholesale traders operating in asset classes that include power, natural gas, carbon, agriculture, fertilizer etc. The systems are fully functional and include the trading matching engine, collateral calculation with bank integration, aggregated and single trading screens, algorithmic trading systems and risk management systems.

Matriks offers SaaS based fast and robust trading systems to its clients. The flexible and build of system means that brokers and exchange owners can self-launch any contract or instrument

within minutes in most cases without any intervention. This low cost aggregated trading screen allows traders to trade multi-asset classes in many markets and venues from one screen.

Compocket for electronic enthusiasts!

Compocket is disrupting traditional electronics measurement devices by creating pocket-size

and mobile-based smart devices, such as a mini oscilloscope.

The company’s first hi tech product is called Minis, a pocket size, mobile oscilloscope which provides smarter, faster and high quality measuring experience for its users. It is used in electronics education, engineering, energy, automotive, IoT, hardware development, technical services and engineers.

Unlike its competitors, Minis gives its users precision with its high technology hardware, top quality material and simple design. The Minis application can be connected to any device and it comes with the USB cable. It has 2 channels, 2MHz bandwidth and 10 MSPS sample rate per channel.

All the above companies will present their products, services and their vision in the US.

This is INNOGATE’s 12th Program in the US and it is ready to provide services to readily-standing companies through a versatile program including access to international connections, getting into market, business modeling and strategy development opportunities together with training, mentorship and counseling benefits.

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