Innogate is Removing Barriers to Entry into the UK Market 3 dakikada okunabilir

Innogate is Removing Barriers to Entry into the UK Market 3 dakikada okunabilir

February 2024

Domestic technology firms achieved a 4-fold increase globally and a 15-fold increase in exports to the USA

The program, which has been implemented 15 times for the US market to date, will be carried out for the third time for the UK market. Local technology firms aiming to expand into the European market via the UK can apply through the website until February 29, 2024.

Under the Innogate International Acceleration Program, conducted by ITU ARI Teknokent to ensure the continuation of technology firms’ local success in global markets, domestic technology firms will enter the UK market. Applications for the program, planned to start in April 2024, can be made until February 29, 2024.

Prof. Dr. Attila Dikbaş, General Manager of ITU ARI Teknokent, commented on the activities carried out within the scope of the program over the past 10 years, stating, “At ITU ARI Teknokent, we provide many programs and platforms that contribute to technology-based startups and R&D companies at different stages. In this context, our ‘Innogate International Acceleration Program’ has been filling a significant gap since 2014. We offer support with a 360-degree service, guiding technology firms in our country to scale their local successes globally, with methods for developing suitable business models for new markets, global marketing/sales techniques, and access to international connections. We invite all domestic technology companies that aim to expand globally and scale up to our program in the new period. Furthermore, expanding our European outreach program, especially in France, Germany, and the Netherlands, in 2024, and expanding our global-scale university, incubation, and investor network are among our top priorities.”

“229 firms gained access to potential customers through the Innogate Program”

Within the framework of the Innogate International Acceleration Program, conducted for 10 years, 229 domestic technology firms gained access to potential customers in global markets. Since 2014, 131 firms have benefited from the global phase of the program, and the total investment received by 118 firms that entered the US market and 13 firms that entered the UK market after the program has reached $41 million.

Arzu Eryılmaz, Deputy General Manager of ITU ARI Teknokent Entrepreneurship Ecosystem and Marketing, mentioned that they developed the support provided by Innogate entirely according to the needs of the market, saying, “In our Innogate program, during the 6-week preparation period, we bring our technology firms together with trainers and coaches who have experience and competence in the global arena. During this preparation period, we provide information and guidance to our firms at every stage, from market analysis to sales and marketing strategies, from developing business methods in a new market to correctly using financial mechanisms in the market. Then, in the 7th and 8th weeks, we all go to the UK together and introduce our firms to our business network there. We bring our firms together with our critical partners, experts, and mentors in roundtable meetings, organize one-on-one coaching sessions, and facilitate firms to understand the market and meet with their potential customers. In addition to opening our existing business network through Innogate to our firms, we ensure their participation in one of the world’s most important technology events, London Tech Week, to provide them with more opportunities for contact and collaboration. At the end of 8 weeks, our firms develop entry strategies for the UK market, then have the opportunity to implement these strategies in the market and establish very strong connections.”

For detailed information about the Innogate International Acceleration Program and to apply, you can visit