Innogate UK Program

With Innogate UK, our most important contribution for our companies, which we support in globalization processes in 2 stages, is to remove the borders in exports. For this reason, in the first step of the two-stage Innogate program, it supports your strategy setting and preparation process during the phase of opening to a new market; In the second step, we offer the key to reach potential customers and partners for your company, which is ready to open up to the UK.


The program will continue for 6 weeks, the first phase of the TR section consists of 4 different themes. The themes determined for each week are as follows;

GTM Narrative Creation, GTM Assets / Channel Creation, Test & Learn – First Iterations, Test & Learn – Optimizations.

The second phase is the UK Market Discovery, which will continue for 2 weeks. At this stage, the selected companies will travel to the UK and meet with potential investors, customers and partners.

1. Hafta Theme: GTM Narrative Creation
Core Sessions
Foundation of Growth and Globalisation Stage *Opening Speech and Program Overview
*NBT Growth Sprints Orientation, Details of Core Growth Sessions
*Growth Session - Growth Marketing Strategy
*Re-positioning value proposition in the global market: Gaining customer insight & competitive benchmarking
*Revamping supply chain for global market: Online &offline alignment, organizational roles &capabilities for global expansion
*Creating Growth Focused Narratives
*Alumni Panel: Introduction to INNOGATE
Keynotes *Business Model Canvas Understanding
*How to set-up your Global Sales Team and Strategy
Hafta 2 Theme: GTM Assets / Channel Creation
Core Sessions
Foundation of Growth and Globalisation Stage
*Growth Session - Reaching and Attracting Potential Customers
- Content Marketing (covering SEO/ASO)
- Social Media Marketing
- Paid Media (covering Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Linkedin Ads, Twitter Ads, TikTok Ads, Quora Ads, Reddit Ads, Pinterest Ads)
- Earned Media Marketing
*Ideal Pitch Deck According to Narrative
*Creating Prospect List & GTM Plan for your Growth Focused Narratives
Keynotes *Champion's Pitch Decks
*How do you successfully enter a new market?
Hafta 3 Theme: Test & Learn - First Iterations
Core Sessions
First Tests & Iterations for UK Market *Growth Session - Engaging and Converting Potential Customers
- Engage & Convert through Digital Marketing Channels
- CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation)
- Website Engagement
- App Engagement
*Funding for global expansion: Valuation & investor relations
Keynotes *Sales Funnel Examples
*Accelerating Traction with Enterprises: How to get noticed by and improve sales with large scale customers especially in the UK
*Investor Point of View and Due Diligence
Hafta 4 Theme: Test & Learn - Optimizations Core Sessions
First Tests & Iterations for UK Market *Growth Session - Nurturing and Closing Leads
- Lead Nurturing: Email Marketing
- Sales and Marketing Automations
- CRM (Customer relationship management)
*Growth Session - Retaining and Growing Customers + Growth-Driven Marketing Management
- Retaining Customers Through Digital Marketing Channels
- Customer Lifecycle Management
- Closed-Loop Reporting
Keynotes *How to conquer your fear of sales
*How to gain Media Exposure in UK
Hafta 5 UK Market Discovery

*Daily Meeting
*Companies' Target: 6-8 Face to face meetings
*Office Hour about iterations

*How to grow in London
*How to Fundraise in UK
*How to Achieve Success in UK Market
*How to work with Corporates in UK
*Things to Consider When Relocating to UK
2. WEEK 1. WEEK 3. WEEK 4. WEEK 5.-6. WEEK