Success Stories

During five previous INNOGATE period, a total of 80 companies benefited from the training program and 40 companies participated in the US process. 23 firms out of 40 have been actively continuing their activities in the USA. Up to now, the firms were taken 525 hours of consultancy, 275 hours of one on one mentoring sessions, and 300 hours of trainings at the Turkey’s part of the Program. Besides, 40 firms which were qualified as a participants of USA Program took 160 hours training and 440 hours of one on one mentoring sessions in total so far.

Monument has earned the title of the most successful Turkish entrepreneur in the Kickstarter with $ 900K and invested $ 1.4M under the leadership of ACT Venture Partners. Firm representatives are continuing retail sales in California.

Mekansal İşler was opened into the US through the Innogate Program, and had the opportunity to grow their business by investment by $ 500k to the UrbanStat platform.

Innogate alumni, Logiwa entered the US market from Chicago with a product which offers different approach to supply chain management, and have reached hundreds of customers in the US market.

Repzone have carried on business operations in New York by means of right connections which were generated by Innogate Program.

SBS has given investment by 1.3 million €, and entered 120 retail outlets in New York; Boston, San Francisco. After the Innogate Program, turnover of the SBS has grown five times faster.

Avcr Funimate is used by +5 million people in the World, and chosen as the number one app in 100 countries in the App Store.

The amount of investment that has received was exceeded 1 million Euros since Segmentify’s established.

Invent is an initiative of business analytics which has started working with its first customer which have more than 3,000 stores in US in the second quarter of 2015. Today, 15% of Invent’s income have been earning from the US.