In the rapidly globalising world, every brand aspiring to conquer the summit has a fundamental goal in mind: brand consistency. The key that unlocks the hearts and minds of customers is “consumer trust,” as more than 80% of global brands have discovered. But how can a brand transcend boundaries and achieve unwavering consistency? The answer lies within the realm of brand terminology.

Today, managing terminology is not just a methodology; it’s the catalyst for defining, localising, validating, and centralising corporate language. Aligning with this terminology’s consistency and industry relevance opens the doors to success. So, what paths should brands take to attain global consistency, harmony, and recognition? Let’s explore the five answers that pave the way.


Step 1: Dive Deep into Your Terms and Conditions

In pursuing brand excellence, the first step is to delve into the intricacies of your product names, industry terms, and those unique words that defy translation. Analysing these elements paves the way for a more comprehensive understanding of your terminology; you are unlocking global consistency for your brand hinges on the power of linguistic analysis. With the successful completion of these analyses, expert guidance becomes your trusted companion, illuminating the path ahead.



Step 2: Dive deep into Terms and Conditions

Even without an existing terminology base, the task of creating brand is a manageable challenge. By crafting terminology that resonates with your brand and industry, you provide invaluable guidance to user interface developers, marketing teams, procurement specialists, and copywriters. The broader the coverage of the existing terminology, the more influential it becomes for the brand’s success. At this point, a strong presence of terminology guides the messages the brand aims to convey across all marketing channels.


Step 3: Define Target Terms for Your Terminology Base

Identifying key terms for the brand and setting appropriate goals in the localisation of these terms streamlines the work of the necessary units involved in the process, leading to time and resource savings. Ensuring the correct execution of all these steps involves merging corporate and industry-specific terms to create the utmost consistency for the brand.


Step 4: Discover and Distribute Your Terms

For the brand’s existing terminology to be effective, it needs to adopt an open, standardised, consistent, user-friendly, and technology-supported corporate structure. After creating the terminology, platforms and web-based applications can be utilized to ensure easy access for everyone. Employing this method facilitates the smooth progression of workflow by consolidating key concepts, definitions, abbreviations, approved translations, images, and other attributes in a single location.


Step 5: Maintain a Clean Terminology Base

Terminology is a living system, and as such, terms evolve, change, and new translations may emerge. Consequently, existing terminology bases require periodic review and updates. The emergence of new and more accurate translations for existing terms or the creation of new terms belonging to a specific domain necessitates their inclusion in the terminology base.



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Source: https://blog.acolad.com/5-steps-for-brand-consistency-on-a-global-scale