Welcome Abroad 4 dakikada okunabilir

Welcome Abroad 4 dakikada okunabilir

From the CTO of Foreks, which is an Innogate company, Abidin Sunar‘s Linkedin:


People are getting bored in their jobs and countries.

They want to explore new challenges.

For companies which have a high turnover rate, something can be done.

Create a branch abroad.

Start working internationally.

But, how?

Last month, I attended a great training program, Innogate.

It was beneficial and effective.

I want to share what I learned.

Innogate is an extraordinary program to extend your company abroad.

In this program, you’ll learn about product development, marketing, pitching, etc.

I’m a technical person, but I learned a lot about marketing and pitching.

The first question:

How to Start?

You should select a product which you want to invest.

Not all of your products.

One of the most critical things is a business model.

You can start with filling the business model canvas.

Find it in the picture below.

Start filling your canvas from 1-9.

Value proposition must be obvious and simple.

This simple picture will be your roadmap, and it’ll contain all your needs.

It seems very easy.

However, you will realize that it can be difficult.

Don’t worry. You will learn all them in Innogate. Thanks, @Mehmet Erçek

You can create your value proposition in one sentence like:

“We help/enable (our target consumer/user)

do/use/consume/enhance (problem/improvement point) by

doing/engaging in/performing (your own solution/product).”

Product & Team

The product is one of the most critical parts, but not the only one.

I learned that if you have a great team and vision, you’ll find success.

You can modify your product.

If it contains hardware, turn it to software 🙂

I didn’t believe this at first, but I saw they successfully changed it in Innogate.

You must create your dream team.

If you are alone, you need to find your soul mates.

Marketing, sales and business development are crucial.

Yes, I’m an engineer 🙂

However, if you have a perfect product but can’t sell it, what does it matter!

Don’t put too many options on your product.

Users don’t want to overthink.

They want to merely use it.

Don’t let your users think. Thanks @Hugh Geiger

Create your product development lifecycle.

Put your vision on your office wall.

Work agile, work hard.

“Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress;

working hard for something we love is called passion.” Simon Sinek

Marketing & Sales

Marketing is the key to making money.

You must learn how to sale.

However, the most crucial part is analysises.

You need to create your data points, your KPI’s.

Pick data and analyze.

You must know your customers and why they are buying.

Know your sale channels and their performances.

Define clear KPI’s and timeframes.

Optimize and do it again.

Learn about inside & outside sales. Thanks @Eren Koçyiğit

If you have a meeting with your customer, ask questions.

Ask questions to understand the role and fit.

Find their pains and show your solutions. Thanks @Jake Dunlap


When I started with the program, I had a profile on Linked-in.

However, I didn’t know how important it is.

First, If you have a standard background, change it.

Re-organize your profile. Thanks @Elif Ceylan

Create original posts.

Try to connect people, related your product and target.

Use growth hacking practices. Thanks @Juan Felipe Campos

If you can’t take e-mail addresses, use tools like “find that lead”

Write your post mobile-friendly.

Like this post!


You created your team, your product, and your marketing strategy.

Now, you can pitch it!

If you can’t present it in 4 minutes, you have problems with it.

You need to show the problem and your solution.

Don’t use sentences, use images, icons and numbers. Thanks @Funda Kılıç

Show your team members.

It’s not only about the product.

Show only 1-2 slides for the product, I know it’s very hard.

You must show its value points.

If you need more information about pitching, Philip is a hero. Thanks @Phillip Delvecchio

You should read his article.


You have a great team, a great product, and a plan.

But, you don’t have money.

Investors can help you grow.

If you have money don’t look for the money, just do it.

Think, what’ll you do, if you have money which you are looking for.

Don’t waste your time, do it. Thanks @Yao Hui

If you get money from investors, you’ll have responsibilities.

They won’t give you that money to waste.

They will manage you, they will control everything.

And then, they will sell you.

Because they have funds and responsibilities.

If you need money, look for it before you are out.  Thanks, @Ali Karabey@Enis Hulli

Or, you will die in the dead valley.


Innogate is a beneficial and mind opening process.

You should apply it.

Because they have an amiable and tough team 🙂

They have outstanding mentors.

Sometimes you will think, ‘how bad are we’

Then, you will say this is the point.

At the end of the process, you will have awareness.

Thank you Innogate Team: @Deniz Tuncalp@Arzu Eryılmaz@Özlem Değirmenci, @Yağmur Kılıç@Mehmet Erçek@Elif Ceylan@Selma Bahçıvanoğlu